Whiplash Symptoms and Treatment

Our site will help you define whiplash and its symptoms, We discuss treatment options and provide facts about whiplash claims or compensation.

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Can you get Whiplash from a Fall

Is it possible to get whiplash after a fall, the answer is Yes. There are a few dangerous accidents including recreational vehicles, bicycle crashes, or falls that could cause damage to the cervical spine. In these cases, a doctor will perform an X-R

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How to cure Neck Sprain at Home

A neck sprain can be a bothersome injury following any kind of neck injury. Some common sources of neck sprain include minor sporting accidents, falls, or car accidents. You may feel tightness in your neck as well as a decreased range of motion. Spra

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Whiplash claims and the average Payout

The link between compensation and injury is layered in mystery, I wanted to do some proper research and find out what is the average payout for whiplash was. In general, people are paid an amount as a consequence of loss, you may have taken time off

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Can Whiplash cause Headaches

Headaches are a commonly reported side effect of whiplash, and most patients complain of pain in the back of their head. Many patients suffer from chronic whiplash and the two most common symptoms are headache and disabling neck pain. These types of

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How long does Whiplash Last

For those of you suffering from whiplash, it is common to wonder - how long does whiplash last? This is actually one of the more difficult questions to answer since every patient is different. Whiplash is usually the result of a rear-end collision bu

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How to Treat Whiplash effectively

Whiplash is a complex problem however, there are treatment options that can help alleviate symptoms. There are a few simple treatments you can do at home including: supporting your neck with a pillow, sleeping on your back or side, and using an ice-p

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What this website hopes to achieve

  • Whiplash symptoms: What to look for, and if they are delayed or long term.
  • Treatment: What are your treatment options, and what exercises help relieve symptoms
  • What is whiplash: Typically caused in a motor-vehicle accident, putting the neck under extreme stress
  • Definitions: We provide meanings and legals definitions for every state.
  • whiplash claims: Will you be entitled to compensation or claims in a legal sense.



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